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I work in education for over 40 years. Graduated from at the University of Groningen. Dutch Language and Literature, Language teaching and Educational Sciences.


  • Trainer/ Coach, consultant digital literacy/ online literacy, especially in relation to language teaching. Work mostly with teacher development teams at secondary schools.
  • Speaker at national and international conferences and meetings
  • Co-chair Thematic Working group Digital Literacy and Member Executive Committee of Elinet, European Literacy Policy Network
  • Pioneer Digital Literacy see:Handboek Digitale geletterdheid (Handbook Digital Literacy, in Dutch) by  Kennisnet, the public organization for Education & ICT, publicized at  24-11-2017

Working Experience

  • 2016-.. Research Group Educational Innovation and ICT University of Applied Sciences Windesheim
  • 2008-.. Independent Researcher in the field of Digital Literacies, Speaker at national and international conferences, and Educational consultant. I work with teachers in teacher development teams on implementing and researching digital literacies into the language curriculum.
  • 2003-2018 Language Teacher at Helen Parkhurst, Secondary Dalton School. I have also been international coordinator and ict-coach.
  • 2012-2016 PhD student at University Twente and  University of Amsterdam. Topic: Digital Literacy
  • 1993-2003 Head of Language Department  at an Institute for Educational Reform APS, were I from early on participated in the project ICT and learning.
  • 1993-1994 National Coordinator for Teaching Dutch Language and Literature
  • 1990-1993 Founder and co-director Post Graduate Institute Remedial Teaching in Secondary Education of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
  • 1981-1993 Trainer/ consultant at the Teacher training institute of the Utrecht University of applied sciences,
  • 1978- 1981 Language teacher at Secondary Schools and in higher Ed.
  • 1972-1976 Teaching Assistant Faculty Department Dutch Language and Literature at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Professional networks

We see that the modern network society communicates, collaborates and learns mostly online. But we also know that a lot of students have problems with online literacy, online literacies or what you would like to call it. The ‘digital natives’ are not always very good at using and comprehending online texts.
Research shows (PISA, ORCA) that’s a real problem and students need additional skills and strategies. I think that schools have to prepare students for the real world outside, but in the Netherlands online texts and online communication are not part of the regular curriculum, which is a shame.
I have done a literacy study in 2012, and a survey / baseline study amongst language teachers in 2013-14. I worked with sevaral schools with language teachers in teacher development groups, developing materials and new didactics, implement this in the classroom and research the outcomes.
I also made  a Duch version of a part of the Online Research and Comprehension Assessment (ORCA) tool from Don Leu c.s. Here fore I use three of my smart 15 old students.
I do action research, working with Teacher development Teams and schools.

I’m very interested in collaborating on this with other researchers and teachers.

I am also a speaker, trainer and consultant and work with schools, teachers, teacher trainers and other professionals in the field of literacy, specially new literacies or online literacy. I work in the Netherlands and abroad. See my freelance page.

You can find my English posts in the category English