European Conference on Literacy Madrid: July 3-6

European Conference on Literacy Madrid: July 3-6

Please attent the 20th European Conference of Literacy, with the main theme “Working together to encourage equity through literacy communities: a challenge of the 21st. Century“.

As organizers, we encourage teacher-educators and teachers, researchers, librarians, students, parents, etc. to actively participate in this event.
The AELE team informs that this European Conference takes place in parallel with a new edition of Ibero-american Forum “Literacy and Learning” to improve the communication node between cultures and the exchange of experiences and research knowledge.
For specific information about XX European Conference, the link is:  The schedule is already online . And I will be there too, as a ‘highlighted rapporteur’. Topic: Literacy in a digital age: an interesting and big challenge for (language) teachers.



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