CALL for contributions to ELINET’s Annual Topic 2020

CALL for contributions to ELINET’s Annual Topic 2020

ELINET’s Annual Topic 2020: “Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills: Good Practices for Early and Primary Years Education”
at the 4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy in Tallinn on January 18, 2020, from 11.30 to 17.30!

This CALL addresses all members of the ELINET Association and external experts to contribute to our Annual Topic (above).
We want to collect, exchange and analyze research and good practice examples on this topic – especially projects, reports and examples which are only available in national languages and need to be translated into English in order to reach out to the international community of literacy experts, researchers and practitioners.
This exchange will mainly be carried out by online media – our website, skype conferences, webinars – and shall lead to create a policy paper (position statement) addressing policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. This paper shall contain research based recommendations for educating pre-school and primary children to become digitally literate citizens.

We are looking for three kinds of contributors:

  1. people who want to be actively involved in the full process and be part of the editing group for this paper
  2. people who contribute with single research reports or good practice examples
  3. people who are interested to review good practice examples according to agreed criteria

Please join us

 Interesting additional information: 

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