Presentatie conferentie van CroRa in Zagreb

Presentatie conferentie van CroRa in Zagreb

The Croatian Reading Association (CroRa) organized the successful conference Digital literacy and strategies for digital inclusion, on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 in Zagreb. I talked, as a special guest, about Digital literacy: a challenge for all of us.

In the last few decades, in modern society, we have been witnessing many significant changes in reading and writing initiated by the digital revolution. Since digital world is becoming more and more dominant over physical world it is important to pay attention to digital inclusion, so that every member of society, including those in unfavourable positions, would have access to informational and digital technologies.

Theme of the conference is traditionally directed towards connecting literacy experts on all levels from kindergartens and school, to universities, families, libraries and whole communities.

Following question should be answered at the conference:

  1. Will digital technologies make it easier for those excluded from the learning process, or will they actually raise new, even bigger barriers?
  2. Are the increasing fears, that the use of digital technologies as tools for communication, shopping, Civic engagement and learning, will make bigger, more serious gaps between certain parts of society, justified?
  3. In what way should we participate in the development of digital economy and society?

Elinet was represented, as a special guest, by Jeroen Clemens, expert in the field of digital literacy and language teaching, independent consultant, coach, researcher, teacher and speaker who lives in Netherlands. His presentation will have as title Digital literacy: a challenge for all of us. He is a chairperson of ELINET’s Thematic Working Group – Digital Literacy. This years special research project is “Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills: Good Practices for Early and Primary Years Education” for 2020/21.


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