International Conference ‘Literacy and Contemporary Society’ Cyprus

International Conference ‘Literacy and Contemporary Society’ Cyprus

(Nederlands/ English) Ik ben spreker op de 4th International Conference ‘Literacy and Contemporary Society’ op 12 mei 19.30 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Mijn focus zal zijn: Digital Literacy and the Role of the Language Teacher. Fabio Nascimbeni, samen met mij chair van de Digital Literacy Working group van ELINET zal daar ook spreken. Registratie is  nu open via de Conference website. Zie daar ook het programma. Kom ook.

The 4th International Conference Literacy and Contemporary Society: Transitions in Digital Learning, May 12 and 13 in Cyprus, focuses on the transformation of learning, being, and communicating, as an inherent characteristic of modern societies but as yet intensified due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year. The pandemic has accelerated the utilization of new literacy forms, practices, and spaces, and hybridized new and traditional literacies.
The wide transition to digital learning and communication exacerbated the need to critically engage with text and information, while also making visible broader challenges that have long permeated education and society. The Conference aims to provide a forum to also discuss broader limitations and potentials in the (re)constitution of literacy, being, and learning in contemporary societies.

The 4th International Conference on Literacy and Contemporary Society is announced (, and registration is now open via the Conference website (

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