Nieuwe vormen van onderzoek: het edonis project

Nieuwe vormen van onderzoek: het edonis project

Ik vond de volgende uitnodiging in mijn postbus. Interessant onderzoek van Tom Barett, waaraan ik mijn deelname heb toegezegd.

I would like to invite you to participate in the edonis project which commences at the start of November. edonis (educators online impact study) will run for at least three years, identifying, for example:

Trends in educators’ use of online communication, impact on teaching and learning, and professional development, good practice, implications for the learning sector and government.

Your involvement would centre on: Replying to a brief fortnightly emailed question monthly; completion of a brief online survey termly; responding to stimulus eg image, video, comment yearly; participating in a one-hour online discussion relating to the findings of the study a one-to-one interview with myself during the period of research.

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