Prijs van Microsoft en USAID voor WIKIproject HP-Macedonie ( vervolg)

Prijs van Microsoft en USAID voor WIKIproject HP-Macedonie ( vervolg)

Het WIKI-project dat wij al 2 1/2 jaar uitvoeren met een school in Macedonië heeft in december j.l. een prijs gewonnen van Microsoft en USAID in Macedonië. Iets meer informatie daarover hebben we net gekregen.

Microsoft and USAID ‘Partners in Learning and Primary Education Project.
On 10 December, at the premises of the hotel Aleksandar Palace, Skopje, (…) was the presentation of works and the remuneration of the best projects that took part in the first Microsoft Innovation Educators Forum in Macedonia.
For the first time teachers in Macedonia, especially innovative ones, took the opportunity to present their projects to show how technology and new developments can enhance the educational process and to improve communication between all stakeholders in this process, in and outside school.
On the first Microsoft Innovation Educators Forum presented 150 teachers with 43 projects involving more than 5,000 students. They competed in one of three categories:
– Innovations in the content of the project
– Innovations in collaboration between teachers and students in and out of school
– Creativity and innovation in the use of technology
Moderator of the event was the bank Ademi, head of the program Microsoft “Partners in Learning” and also organizers and representative from the government, creator of educational policies.
On this occasion the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic Macedonia. Mr. Nikola Todorov, stressed the need, especially today, by introducing the latest trends and technologies in the educational process as a fundamental investment in the future state.
Mr. Ilijancho Gagovski, general manager of Microsoft Macedonia, meanwhile, stressed the role of the software giant in the process of development of education, which as he noted, is the only real competitive advantage in today’s knowledge-based economy.
The event was also addressed by Mr. Alexander Woods, director of the Office of Education at USAID, who praised the projects submitted, which he said is an example of how to merge technology and innovation with the educational process. In this way, according to Mr. Woods, students are preparing for new labor markets and have the capacity to find productive work. (…)
The winners of the first Microsoft Innovation Educators Forum.
Winners in the second category, ‘Innovation in the cooperation between teachers and students in and outside school’ the project MacNed by Anica Petkoska, Maya Smileski and Darko Petkoski all of SEOU “Gostivar” in Gostivar, and Jeroen Clemens, Margo Adriaansens, Douwe Dijksterhuis and Cristian Hartsema from Helen Parkhurst, the Netherlands.

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